Curiosity leads to deviating from the usual or expected and eager to investigate and learn more.

Curious Kayte is a blog created to discover different methods in traveling and promote certain tips and tricks to gain the best experiences. I began this blog with the objective to combine my love of travelling with my fascination with Marketing. Hopefully, I can provide some helpful information from my experiences through multiple adventures.

Who Am I?

My name is Kathleen and I am a BBA Marketing Graduate who is enthusiastic, creative, and passionate about travel and education. I am a Canadian born, driven problem solver who speaks multiple languages while travelling the world. Hopefully, I can utilize my travel skills and knowledge efficiently for experience growth in the marketing industry.

Blog Content

Well, these posts will cover a broad range of topics but I am hoping to relate everything back to the traveling industry. Everything, from ideas to tested experiences will create and expand the content of this page.

I hope you’ll follow my adventures because I’ve always been passionate about travelling and i’d love to hear your stories.


I hope you enjoy!

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