Are you Mindful or is your Mind-full?

This post isn't about marketing but more about pondering the human mind of the year 2017. More often than not I have a million ideas racing through my brain. What should I cook for dinner? What am I doing after this? I wonder what is new on social media? Crap, I forgot to send that... Continue Reading →

Innovation Challenge Success

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Tharakan Innovation Challenge Award was created to support NAIT's Bachelor of Business Administration students. Students who participated in this challenge were tasked with finding an innovative new use for an existing product.....An empty toilet paper roll. A panel of judges would then select 3 teams who demonstrated the most... Continue Reading →

Super Statement Commercials- Super Bowl 51

On Sunday, February 5th, the 2017 Super Bowl 51 game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons became one of the spectacular comebacks in Super Bowl History! Now, if you didn’t see the game….well that is a shame. Spoiler ahead. The Falcons played a strong game until the Pats (down 25) made an amazing comeback... Continue Reading →

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