South African Safari Adventure

South Africa is one of my most favourite places to visit. If you go, I can recommend a million things to do and to try, but the very top of my list is a South African Safari. Safari Adventure In 2013, we arrived at the Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport where private transportation was waiting to bring... Continue Reading →

Kambaku: Where Legends Linger

This is not my own original story. This Bedtime story was provided by the friendly staff at Kambaku Safari Lodge in the Timbavati Nature Reserve. Follow the link to read more about my South Africa Safari Adventure. Kambaku (c.1930-1985) Origine of Name: Kambaku is the Tsonga word for "Great Tusker" or "Old Elephant Bull" Range:... Continue Reading →

South African Bird Sanctuary Experience

When my family and I arrived at the historic Spier Wine Farm in South Africa in 2013, we didn't know what to expect. I knew we'd be staying in a wine vineyard, but I didn't know about the rehabilitation and conservation center on their grounds. As we arrived earlier than our comrades, we decided to explore Spier's Eagle Encounters... Continue Reading →

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